The short sleep duration increased the risk of developing obesity and weight gain. Less sleep may increase your appetite and cause you to eat more calories as you may prefer foods high in sugar and fat.  One of the reasons for the short sleep is the snoring factor.  An anti-snoring device prevents the obstruction of the airways and helps in reducing snoring.  If you are a snorer, you can get the benefit of the Airsnore Anti-snoring Mouthpiece Device. Whether you are a mild snoroer or a severe, the device can be fitted in your mouth perfectly.

Different people snore in different ways. However, there are three more common types of snorers, which are classified in three types as under:


People with relatively quiet and occasional snoring. There is no obstruction in the airways and the snoring is not serious and may not cause any problem. The regular use of the Airsnore mouthpiece will completely resolve the issue, if not sole it completely if the snoring is not caused by a fundamental medical condition.

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People with loud and frequent snoring, which is a sign of airway obstruction. These people indicate slight to moderate sleep apnea, as well as activate other long-term health issues.


People with even louder and more frequent snoring can wake up the neighbors and make sleep impossible for their partners. These high snoring can cause daytime functioning issues, as well as it can increase the risk for serious medical conditions.

All the above snorers can use the Airsnore Mandibular advancement device that can lead to a dramatic improvement in symptoms. The Airsnore devices can be used by people who have detailed applicants, however, it is better to consult your doctor first.

People having the following sleeping issues can also benefit themselves by using the Airsnore Mouthpiece and drops:

  1. With sleep apnea irrespective of the type and harshness.
  2. Sleep apnea mainly occurs while in a flat sleeping position.
  3. With health conditions that prevent operation to clear the obstruction in their airways.


For most users, the mouthpiece device stays good up to one year. However, several other factors can affect the product’s durability. It depends on the number of times the device is used, the teeth grinding that may happen while wearing it, and the maintenance of the device.

Users are advised to clean the Airsnore mouthpiece after every use. Just soak the device in cold water mixed with toothpaste and 10-15 minutes and let the device dry before using it again.

We recommend the usage of Airsnore Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece and Airsnore drops as it has an effective impact on your snoring. The mouthpiece can be custom-fitted for more comfort, as well as it is safe to use and easy to clean. The device works for people with dental appliances and stays in good shape for a long time as compared to all other anti-snoring devices available in the market.

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